Your Web site can win or lose customers in a matter of seconds. Choosing the right company to build your site is important. Look beyond flashy graphics, and consider the following questions before making your decision:

Who will program your Web site?
All too often graphic artists sell themselves as programmers to make more money. They produce sites that look great on the outside, but inside they are a jumbled mess of wizard-generated code. You can’t build a solid business Web site on a weak foundation.
Our developers have years of experience programming complex, secure applications including online banking, electronic funds transfer, credit card processing and high-volume e-commerce.
How will you update your content?
To keep your customers coming back, you need a site with dynamic, frequently updated content. Most development companies require you to call, e-mail your new content, pay more money and then wait for them to complete the changes.
Browser Software provides online content administration tools, so you can update your content whenever you want without any extra charges or hassle.
Will your site be an isolated separate system?
Your Web site should be an integrated extension of your business. Many sites are only capable of communicating through emails. You then have to manually re-key data from the emails into your internal systems and database.
Browser Software uses .Net, XML, and Web services to build communication channels between your Web site and your internal systems. Contact, sales and inventory data is automatically synchronized throughout your entire business.
Which platform and programming languages will be used?
If your Web site is built using an obscure language or platform, you will have trouble finding other companies to support your site and usually have to pay a higher rate.
All of Browser Software’s sites are built using Microsoft .Net technology and hosted on the latest Windows servers.
Will your business receive personal attention and service?
Demand more from your development company than just your logo pasted on top of a standard site template!
We meet with you in person and then build your site from scratch to match the individual personality and vision of your business.
Browser Software has the experience and talent required to make any innovative feature or functionality your business can imagine a reality. Instead of just getting on the Web, create a Web site that customers will remember and position your business ahead of the competition!

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