Finding the best software for your business can be tough. Will it support enough users? Does it have all of the needed features and functionality? Is it compatible with other software packages? Will it scale as your business grows?
Browser Software has the technical knowledge and resources required to research, evaluate, and recommend software that will always be able to meet the needs of your growing business.
Many businesses continue to use inadequate software because they are scared of losing data or extended down-time if they try to switch. Don't worry! We ensure the safety of your data and a smooth, quick transition.
First, we back-up all of your data. Then, we install your new software in parallel with your current software, so that you can continue working throughout the transition. Next, we import your data into your new software. After thorough testing, we allow time for proper employee training. When you are ready, we officially switch all users to your new system. Finally, after you are certain that your new software is running perfectly, we remove your old software.

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