An intranet is an internal Web application available only to employees. Intranets are often used to share work documents, deliver company news, train employees, manage benefits, file expense reports, submit support requests, and for other common office tasks.
Intranets conserve time, increase productivity and save money by eliminating print costs. Since most users are already familiar with using a Web browser, learning to use an intranet application is often much easier and less intimidating than learning a new program interface.
Administration of an intranet is also much easier. A browser is the only software required on the user's workstation. Content and application updates are automatically distributed to all users, rather than having to update every user’s PC. Intranet applications can be easily linked together, allowing access to all business applications from a single web page.
An intranet runs on a standard internal business network. No connection to the Internet is required, and often a connection is not made for security reasons. Intranet pages are hosted on an internal Web server, so they load instantly. They also use standard Windows network security, so user permission settings can be inherited and managed using existing security tools.

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