An extranet is a controlled-access Web site that is available only to specific users, such as employees, customers, or other businesses. Extranets give outside users access to internal systems by allowing private information to be securely sent over the Internet.
Extranets offer a quicker, cheaper and better means of communication over traditional mail and phone systems. Users enter information directly into internal databases through online forms. Print and postage costs are eliminated, as well as the need for data entry employees. Data is validated upon entry and re-keying errors are avoided. Users receive instant feedback, rather than waiting days for a mailed response.
Extranets also offer many advantages over traditional software. A browser and an Internet connection are all that is required to use an Extranet. Traditional software must be distributed and installed by all users. Changes are easily made to an extranet Web site, whereas traditional software must be re-distributed with each update.
Employee Extranets
Extranets are perfect for businesses with employees that work outside of the office or travel frequently. Many businesses have associates located across the nation working independently from home. Through an extranet, they can enter data, generate reports, receive e-newsletters and easily communicate with the central office.
Business Partner Extranets
Use an extranet to easily distribute the latest product information, prices, documentation and sales promotions to your distributors and trading partners. Online forms allow orders to be placed, changed, and delivered as quickly as possible and with fewer errors.

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