Data is the lifeblood of business.
Too many businesses operate for years collecting valuable data, only to later find out that their data is unusable, corrupt, incomplete, or completely lost. If you question the quality of your data in any way, the time to act is now!
Business decisions can be no better than the information they are based on. Poor decisions based on inaccurate data can have serious consequences. We build trust in your data.
Browser Software’s Database Developers have designed database systems for businesses of all types and sizes. We ensure that your business is built upon a well designed, secure, and expandable data foundation.
Our data services include:
  • Database Design
  • Software Migration
  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Data Cleansing
  • Business Integration
  • Database Administration
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Report Design and Generation
The Real Cost of Poor Data
Poor quality data costs U.S. businesses over $600 billion per year.
The effects of low quality data include:
  • Reduced revenues
  • Customer attrition
  • Increased customer service costs
  • High employee turnover
  • Low productivity
  • Lower volume orders
  • Poor decision making
These effects are often not attributed to poor data. They are instead seen as part of doing business.
Low quality data creates errors that ripple through the entire organization, eventually reaching the customer. Duplicate orders waste supplies and productivity, leading to higher costs and disgruntled employees. Incorrect or lost orders create distrust in customers, leading to customer attrition, reduced orders, and high customer service costs. These errors then cause an inaccurate amount of supplies to be ordered, creating waste and lower revenues.
What separates your company from your competition? Often, the only distinguishing characteristic is service, which is highly reliant upon good data. Business are chosen for strategic partnerships based on how easily their data system can integrate with other data systems. Will your business be chosen?
Paper Costs More than You Think.
The actual cost of paper, toner, printers, fax machines and filing cabinets are very obvious, but there are many other costs that are not so apparent.
Think of the hours wasted searching through filing cabinets or going from office to office looking for a document. Think of the value of the intelligence gained from giving every employee instant access to all company data.
The longer your business operates on paper, the more hours and money you will later spend to re-key that data back into an electronic system. Thousands will be saved by early implementation of an electronic system.
Multiple copies of electronic data are easily stored in multiple places. A fire or flood will instantly wipe out all paper data. How much would that cost your business? Would you still have a business?

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