Workflow systems may contain a single process or many processes depending upon their complexity. Processes are divided into smaller tasks. Tasks and processes are manually or automatically triggered to begin by events. Workflow automation uses technology to link these tasks, processes and events together while increasing their speed, visibility and accuracy.
Productivity is determined by the amount of time it takes for a single piece of work to complete all tasks and processes in a workflow system. By recording the exact time each event is fired as a piece of work moves through the system, we are able to determine how long each task takes and which tasks are creating a bottleneck.
Often, the greatest gains in productivity come from automating manual tasks. Completion times may be reduced from hours to seconds. Many employees have gained two days a week by automating a single task! That time can now be used for higher level tasks that improve and grow their business. By replacing repetitive, mundane tasks, both productivity and employee satisfaction are increased.
Workflow systems may be automated one task at a time, but often it is best to reengineer the entire system so that it can be controlled and monitored from a single software interface. This is especially true for systems that use many different software packages. Each package is perfect for completing a single task, but they are unable to share data or trigger events to start the next task or process. Data must be re-keyed into each package and events manually triggered, making the system slow and inefficient.
In a consolidated workflow system, data is kept in a central database. Data is copied from this database to each software package as work moves through the system. Events are automatically fired by components that interact with each software package’s interface. The status of each piece of work is also kept in this database and updated as events are triggered. Real-time status reports and stop/start buttons for each event and process allow complete system control and visibility.
Share your workflow automation ideas with us, and let us offer suggestions from a technology perspective. Browser Software's programmers have saved millions for many Fortune 500 companies. Let them do the same for your business!
We have experience automating many software packages and processes, including the following:
  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • Word
  • RightFax
  • ACT!
  • Cute FTP
  • Label creation and printing
  • Invoice creation and printing
  • E-mail responses
  • Data import and export
  • Order placement and scheduling

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