Browser Software has been providing exceptional IT consulting and outsourcing services to Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas since 1995.

Consulting company rates are so high because you pay for their luxury downtown office, their T1 Internet connection, and their sales and administrative staff. You also have to pay to cover the employees who are on ‘down time’, in other words, not working. Most consulting companies take more than half of what they charge for their consultant’s time.

At Browser Software, we save you money by reducing or eliminating overhead costs. Browser Software matches, assembles, and manages a team of professional indpendent consultants to provide you with exceptional products and services at a lower price. You pay less, and the consultant earns more.

We have a much deeper pool of consultants to choose from than a traditional company. Odds are at least one of our developers has experience in your industry, and we can match the best graphic artist to create the style and look you envision.

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